Choose Your Adventure or Gift One!

Sometimes you don't live near an Onyx but you need freshly roasted and convenient Onyx coffee. Sometimes you do live near an Onyx, but don't want to go to one to get our freshly roasted and convenient coffee. Sometimes, you gotta get a gift of freshly roasted and convenient Onyx coffee for an acquaintance, friend, and/or family member. Well, we have the answer to all of those sometimes situations. That answer is one of our hassle-free coffee subscriptions. "Well, that sounds like a great idea. Thanks, Onyx website. How does it work?", you might have said to yourself. Good question. 

Every Tuesday we roast and ship out our subscription coffee. You choose the frequency of your deliveries, choose the coffee, and shipping is included. All you have to do is make a couple of choices. 

First, choose if the subscription you want is for you or a gift (or a gift to yourself). The main difference between them is the PERSONAL subscription is pay as you go, cancel at any time. The GIFT subscription is pre-paid with a delivery every month for a year. 

Next, choose how often you want to get coffee. We'll ship to you every week, bi-monthly (every 2 weeks), or monthly (every 4 weeks). 

Then choose how much coffee you want with each delivery, 10 oz or 5 lbs. 

Finally, choose which coffee you would like to get. We offer the following coffees: Southern Weather, Geometry, Monarch, Decaf Colombia Huila, Cold Brew, or Roaster's Choice. Roaster's Choice is a different single origin coffee with each delivery. We choose a single origin coffee that we are really enjoying and do our best to make sure to offer as much variety as we can. 

You can manage your plan and do things like skipping a delivery, changing your shipping info, and swap your plan for a different one. And, or course, you can cancel whenever you'd like.

The best part is the cost INCLUDES SHIPPING.

Personal Gift

Select Frequency

Weekly Bi-Monthly Monthly

Select Size

10 oz. 5 lbs.

Select Coffee

(Prices displayed below indicate a subscription price, charged on a monthly basis.)

Select Frequency

Every 3 Months Every 6 Months Every 12 Months

Select Coffee

Gift subscriptions are a great way to share Onyx coffee with friends, family, and loved ones! The gift recipient will receive a 10 ounce bag of your choosing every month, charged every 12 months.

* When purchasing a gift subscription, ensure that the shipping address you fill in matches the recipient's address and not your own.