How often do you roast and ship your coffee?

We roast and ship our coffee every weekday, usually it is shipped within hours of being roasted.

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Will my coffee be ground or whole bean?

We do not grind coffee for our orders, they all ship whole bean.

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What’s in the Roaster Sampler Box?

We are constantly changing our coffee selections in the sampler box. There will always be four single origin coffees, we do not include blends. The choices change based on which coffees that we are really digging and how much of it we have in stock. If you really need to know what we are putting in it right now, then please fill out our contact form or email us at info@onyxcoffeelab.com.

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Can I pick what goes into my Roaster Sampler Box?

Unfortunately not, we are not set up at this time to handle each sampler box being different.

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What does the Traditional to Modern scale on your bags mean?

The Traditional to Modern Scale on our bags refers to the expected flavors in coffee. If the scale is marked more toward Traditional, then you can expect flavors like nuts, dry wine, baker’s chocolate, etc. With coffees marked more toward Modern, then you can expect flavors like citrus, floral, fruit, etc. And typically, but not always, the more Modern the coffee the lighter the roast will be.

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Do you have gift cards?

We have two kinds of gift cards, one for our website and one for our physical stores. Our digital gift cards email you a code to use on the website. The gift cards for our brick & mortar stores get mailed.

Digital Gift Cards can be found here.

Brick & Mortar Gift Cards can be found here.

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Are you hiring?

We are always trying to keep an eye out for great additions to Onyx. If you think you would be a good fit and would like to in apply then send an email with your resume, availability, and anything else that you think we should know to info@onyxcoffeelab.com.

We will get back to you if we think you might be a good addition to our framily.

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Do you gift wrap?

Unfortunately, our skills lie in coffee and we do not gift wrap. 

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This is a gift and we don't want the prices shown on the packing slip.

Neither do we, that's why our packing slips only list the items and not the prices.

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