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Together we Grow.

Relationship Goals

Be our partner. Wholesale is the heartbeat of what we do. Onyx is not some publicly traded company or a large firm of investors and venture capitalists. We’re baristas, roasters and cafe owners. We understand hospitality. Our hope is that our pursuit of quality coffee will help your business succeed. You'll find an entire team of professionals to help along your journey, each an industry leaders in their own field of expertise. Read below about what we can offer and let us know if you have questions.

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Meet Your Team

Award winning coffee professionals positioned to help your coffee program reach next level success and sustainability. Each facet of the hospitality industry is covered inside this elite group of industry pro's. Click the name to read their bio or to contact them directly.


Elika Liftee


Bear Soliven


Lance Hedrick


Josh Edens


Ivana Chan


Ted Rosenblatt


Dakota Graff


Andrea Allen


Jon Allen

Elika Liftee

Wholesale Trainer

Elika is a passionate member of the Onyx team since 2015. He started just prior to the opening of the Downtown Bentonville café and has since worn a variety of hats inside Onyx. He’s been a Trainer since 2017 and is known for taking a technical approach to coffee brewing and distilling that into approachable classes for baristas, wholesale partners, and the community. He’s recognized in the industry for his calm demeanor, floral shirts, and his jump shot.

United States Brewers Champion 2020

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Bear Soliven


Native of San Diego and an Arkansas transplant. Loving life here in NWA.
God centered silly man that strives to be as helpful as possible at all times.

Was born into this industry 5+ years ago with Onyx and have been learning how to walk, acclimate, and serve in it ever since. I’m an outgoing introvert with an extended wick for people I’m serving and enjoy. Was formerly an avid indoors-man but now turned amateur health enthusiast that enjoys the outdoors. Mid thirties never smelled so good :)

Good Vibes Champ
US Cup Tasters National Qualifer 2019
US Cup Tasters National Qualifer 2020

Contact Bear

Lance Hedrick

Director of Wholesale

My name is Lance Hedrick and I am the head of wholesale at Onyx Coffee Lab. What does that entail? Well, in addition to overseeing the States west of Arkansas and international sales, I’m tasked with formulating and maintaining a vision for our wholesale sector.
I absolutely love my job. I get the opportunity to do what I love: travel and create relationships. Additionally, I get to work alongside one of my best friends, Bear Soliven, and under two of my coffee heroes Andrea and Jon Allen. In years past, I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to compete in miscellaneous competitions. In 2017 and 2018, I won the Coffee Fest World Latte Art Championship Open. Then, in 2019 and 2020, I placed third and second, respectively, in the US Brewer’s Cup Championship. I’m grateful to work for a company that not only encourages me in these endeavors, but supports me tirelessly. #onyxly

Multiple World Latte Art Championships
US Brewers Cup 3rd 2019
*US Brewers Cup 2nd 2020***

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Josh Edens

Bar & Engagements Director

Joshua has been a passionate and multi-talented member of our team since 2014. They have worked in every one of our cafes in over the past 6 years and have worn hats in leadership, events coordination, and beverage design. They are an accoladed member of the US and World Coffee Competitions community. Currently, they oversee The Foreman Bar & Onyx Engagements and the curation and administration of our Bar, Events, and Community Engagements programs. Joshua is also well known for their love of casseroles, flawless earrings, and throwing one heck of a party.

WCE Judge & USCC Head Judge
USBC Sensory Lead

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Ivana Chan

E-Commerce & Marketing Director

Ivana is the director of all things in the World Wide Web! She has been with Onyx for awhile now as a barista and in management before dusting off her advertising skills. A New York City transplant with all the love for specialty coffee and a serious knack for keeping things organized and professional, she oversees, all things communications, marketing, advertising and brand partnership. You’ll often find her cracking cheesy puns or posting all her latest food & beverage adventures.

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Ted Rosenblatt


Ted was fascinated with how things worked from a young age, and started to learn by watching others take things apart to fix them. He eventually started to do this on his own, and became more and more interested in fixing things. Now, Ted gets to do this as a job and enjoys figuring out how and why something is not working, and what it takes to repair. Here at Onyx, he gets to use his knowledge on a variety of equipment, ranging from a simple grinder to a large 70 kilo coffee roaster. Everyday there’s something else to learn about and fix.

Certified Espresso Technician
Certified La Marzocco
Certified Modbar Specialist

Contact Ted

Dakota Graff

Green Buyer

When asked the question, ‚ÄúWhat do I enjoy about the industry?‚ÄĚ, the answer is simple: the people. I got into coffee back in 2010 when a Barista described an ethiopian coffee as ‚Äúpure sunlight‚ÄĚ. I immediately purchased two bags and I‚Äôve been chasing that experience ever since. Five years later, I got a job there and the rest was history.

Much like the roasting process, what I enjoy most about roasting has changed over time. Years ago when I was a barista learning how to roast in order to lift the curtain back a bit more, it felt as if this skill would get me so much closer to that ‚Äúpure sunlight‚ÄĚ I was chasing. What I‚Äôve come to learn about the reality of roasting, for me, is the simplicity you find in the complexity of the roasting experience; though a volatile chain of chemical reactions, the part I play as a roaster has a definite beginning, middle and end. It‚Äôs a simple comfort I find in my on-going career in coffee.

US Barista National Qualifier 2018
US Coffee in Good Spirits 6th 2019

Contact Dakota

Andrea Allen

Hospitality & Management

Andrea has been working in the coffee industry since 2002. As much as she loves black coffee, it's really the people in the industry that drew her in and kept her in. She works as the head of operations at Onyx. She's also the current United States Barista Champion. In her spare time she enjoys distance running, horse riding, and hanging out with her two daughters.

US Barista Championship 2nd place 2016, 2017, 2019
US Barista Championship 5th place 2018
US Barista Champion 2020

Contact Andrea

Jon Allen


Jon has been working in coffee since 2003. He's the one that began traveling the world in search of great coffees. He loves clean, minimal design. He runs our creative program and heads up Onyx's green buying and QC systems. He enjoys food, beverage, the science of flavors and taste, working out and being healthy, apologetics, and playing with his two daughters. He's also deeply in love with his beautiful wife Andrea.

Q Grader

Contact Jon

Wholesale Benefits

Onyx has always been industry focused‚ÄĒthe producers, the baristas, and the cafes. We‚Äôve built a team and benefit packages based on being in your shoes, running coffee programs, cafes and restaurants, and knowing what we would want from a partnership. Benefit from what we know and what we can offer you. We look forward to serving you.
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Great Coffee

A quality coffee beverage starts all the way back at the farm. From its inception, every step along the supply chain influences the characteristics of the final cup. We know that building a successful business requires this same kind of intentionality. Our coffees set you up to produce drinks that customers love. Our strict quality control process means that we only send out the absolute best coffees we roast. A commitment to pricing and logistics transparency means that you have access to all the data we do, that you can know and trust our process.

World Class Training

We take a lot of pride in our training program at Onyx. Our trainers have all excelled greatly in the world of coffee, from winning national titles in brewing to international titles in latte art. Beyond these competitive achievements, however, they are simply phenomenal coffee professionals, able to break down complex brew theory into digestible, enjoyable lessons. Together, our trainers have had a hand in the creation of incredible baristas. For our partners we offer on site, virtual, and on campus training at our HQ at the 1907. From basic espresso theory to training trainers, we can do it all.

Customer Service

Customer service for us is not simply a requisite to fulfill; instead, it, alongside our commitment to quality, is our top concern. Not only do we desire intentional and fruitful relationships with every partner, big and small, but we strive to offer extremely quick and efficient services. We truly believe our success is only found in the success of those with whom we work, so we will do whatever we can to help you and your shop reach your goals.

Tech Support

The importance of properly functioning machinery can not be over stated. Whether it’s equipment recommendations, regular maintenance or an emergency repair we offer support for wholesale customers and other shops alike. We work on and support most major coffee equipment brands. Expertise and passion for coffee combine with excellence and customer service.


So much of hospitality, customer experience, and staff efficiency begins with thoughtful design. Whether it’s guidance on purchasing coffee equipment or MEP layout on your coffee bar, our team has the experience to provide in depth feedback on your project. Our goal is to help set our partners up to offer the very best high end coffee service.

Culture & Partnership

We’re an independently owned company who want to see grassroots coffee grow. No investors to please, just us. We want to see independent cafes flourish. Whether its social media support or hanging out at a coffee event, we’re committed to relationships and to excellence and we truly thrive whenever our partners are successful.

Having Onyx in our cafe has been an absolute joy. This coffee never disappoints, and their bags catch everyone’s attention. The coffee always ships the same day I order, and arrives in days! Even states away: they are incredibly accommodating and consistent. There is nothing better than getting a new shipment of Onyx Coffee!

Tyler White
General Manager at Pause Coffee House, Fair Oaks, CA

Onyx has provided us with one of the most delicious coffees every week for over a year with consistency. They take care of us when we forget to place orders or have any issues. One of the most pleasant partners we've worked with, and a team full of positive energy. We always look forward to what fun they'll bring to the table next time.

Marcelo Kim
General Manager of Alchemist Coffee Project

Partnering with Onyx has been incredibly rewarding since making the decision prior to opening our shop. Our local community was enthusiastic to see their coffees on bar, and we've always been blown away by the quality of every coffee as well as the customer service and transparency we have received since day one. From taking trips to visit and train in Arkansas, to hosting events together here in Nashville, the Onyx crew feel like extended family and we are ever so grateful for the chance to work together.

Retrograde Coffee - Nashville, TN

For the past three years the relationship with Onyx has more than met our expectations. We knew we made the right choice from the beginning. Working with them has been a breeze and anytime we have questions or need advice they are always there with an answer or solution. We owe so much of our success to Onyx. People see the name in the window and know they are getting quality coffee.

Deidre Mays
Magnolia Coffee House - Arkansas

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