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12 Months of the
finest coffee in the world

“Project Echelon” by Onyx Coffee Lab invites you to enter a world where you can fully experience the best and most award winning coffees. Unique, rare cultivars, world famous agronomy experiments and competition winning coffees. As a member you will be provided with every piece of equipment and aspect of brewing even down to the water chemistry. We’ve taken the guess work out of the brewing by offering individual extraction guides for each coffee by the US brewer’s champion using the exact equipment you’ll be supplied with. No longer will you spends 100s on the latest Gesha only to use half of the coffee dialing in your grinder or guessing at the water temperature.

Membership is limited to the first fifty to sign up within the United States at this time. This is a very exclusive and limited project due to the fact that sourcing these rare coffees is an arduous and extremely delicate process. Once discovered, the volume of these high scoring nano-lots are extremely small and must go through rigorous testing and profiling before making it into the program.

This project has been the brain child of the Onyx team, barista competitors, brewing equipment manufacturers and coffee producers from around the globe. Excited is an understatement, but we are very proud of the project and invite you to participate. For those that enjoyed the membership, a special legacy price will be available next year to continue the shipment of coffees and obviously the equipment is yours to keep once you apply. Thank you and read below for details.

Membership Includes

(12) 10oz boxes of Onyx Echelon Coffee (1 years worth, shipped on a monthly basis in 2022)
(12) ONYX Brew Guides (tailored to the Echelon kit and each coffee)
(1) Baratza x Echelon Vario+ Grinder
(1) Fellow x Echelon Stagg EKG Electric Kettle
(1) Hario V60 Ceramic Brewer, Filters, and Server
(1) TimeMore Black Mirror Scale from Slow Pour Supply
(12) Third Wave Water Classic
(1) Ember x Echelon Temperature Control Mug

12 months of our best coffee

Through countless relationships and many years of sourcing, we have curated and continue to find the rarest and most unique coffees in the world. During this process there are rare gems that emerge as one-of-a-kind coffee experiences. These nano-lots are usually a tiny section of a farm that has been kept separate for experimental processing, fermenting or cultivation techniques. Normally we keep these to ourselves to use at coffee competitions, or we list them online and they sell out quickly. Internally, we have been contemplating a project that would give access and showcase these coffees to not only the industry itself, but to those who truly care about and appreciate unique and incredible coffee flavor profiles. The Echelon project is our attempt at unifying these goals. You will receive one coffee per month with step by step extraction instructions so that you can get the best out of every unique bean shipped to you. This is the best of what we have to offer, showcasing the most talented coffee farmers, agronomists and processors in the world. You will be tasting cultivars of arabica-once thought extinct- to university-lead fermentation techniques that are changing the landscape of our industry. Join us in celebrating producers whom have taken real risk to advance and reimagine the coffee industry and what it can be. Be apart of this concept and let’s move coffee forward, taking a step into a new era.



We are thrilled to be able to feature a limited edition ONYX Echelon x Baratza custom branded Vario+ in black with a single dose hopper, signed by Onyx. The Vario+ is Baratza's newest grinder and boasts time-based dosing, a durable metal grind chamber, 220 levels of adjustments, a backlit LCD display with the ability to preset 3 different dose settings, and flat 54mm steel Ditting burrs. The Vario+ will bring the A game in performance, consistency, and overall cup quality in each brew.


Learn to brew with a modified Hario V60 dripper. This device was custom made in collaboration with 2016 World Brewers Cup Champion, Tetsu Kasuya. The ribs at the bottom of the dripper have been smoothed out, slowing the draw down of the brew and extending the contact time between the coffee and water. By limiting the exposed surface area of the filter towards the bottom, this brewer reduces bypass, allowing for a more even and consistent extraction, and sweeter, more juicy brews. This slower draw down rate in the Tetsu Kasuya V60 will be continually transferring heat directly into an insulated metal server to maintain your perfect brew for longer. This kit includes the Kasuya model V60 in Black Ceramic, White untabbed filters, and the Black 02 Insulated server.


Stagg EKG has been the long-standing electric kettle of choice for serious home brewers and world champion coffee brewers alike, and for a good reason. It features to-the-degree variable temperature control and a gooseneck precision pour spout for enhanced pouring control. It heats quickly to save on brew time and the LCD screen makes it easy to use in all lighting settings. The sleek design and small minimalist base will make it a beautiful addition to your coffee bar. We’ve enhanced the sleek matte black color way with a simple Echelon mark, making this one limited edition to stand apart from the rest.


Meticulous brew methods require precise measurements. Each recipe given for your month's coffee will have weight instructions for coffee and water down to the gram. The TIMEMORE Black Mirror weigh panel is a sleek single sensor scale with a built-in timer and a one-tenth of a gram precision weight sensor that performs with an ultra-fast response time. The powerful LED display makes it easy to see, even in brighter environments, and it comes with a matching non-skid silicone pad. The single forged top shell is designed to be water resistant, so spillage won’t damage the scale, and it’s made with a matte surface to prevent fingerprint smudges. Lastly, this is also a chargeable scale with up to 7 hours of usage time per charge. It will automatically turn off after 15 minutes of timer inactivity / 3 minutes of total inactivity to preserve your battery life.


The science of brewing coffee is incomplete without water, an essential component to the brew. These coffees need perfect mineralogy and water chemistry to perform at their peak extraction. With Third Wave Water, you will enhance your final cup by just adding one packet to a 1-gallon jug of distilled water. Every variable we can control in extracting the perfect cup are accounted for in the Echelon program.


Last, and far from least, the Echelon Brew Kit is finished with a custom branded Ember Mug2 Gold Edition from the Ember Metallic Collection. This smart mug will maintain your preferred drinking temperature at a precise temperature throughout your full cup. It’s sleek and boasts a number of other features including a built-in battery that allows you to sip slowly in any room of the house or on the go, a Smart LED, and an app for convenient control.


Proper brewing and perfect extraction is the difference between good and great, especially when you are dealing with coffees of this caliber. The cost is high, both financially and emotionally, when a coffee is executed poorly at this level due to improper education, equipment malfunction or variables in extraction that seem out of your control. These are some of the most expensive coffees in the world, and we will be providing you with step by step instruction on how to get the most out of each offering. Through innovation and research, we’ll be putting together custom videos with Elika for each coffee offering in our training lab that work with you each step of the way to ensure the best cup. We’ll be curating all of the brew guides along with the equipment that comes with an Echelon membership so that all variables and guess work are removed. This will guarantee the best cup each time , and you can join your fellow Echelon members on a worldwide flavor journey.

Some Say Love Conquers All
We Say Coffee Does.

Limited memberships available
Initial Membership Fee Of


Legacy pricing for founding members
available 2022


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