Third Wave Water

I know what you're saying right now. What. Is. Third. Wave. Water. Don't worry; I got you.

Okay, a long time ago, a bunch of old dudes sat around and did a bunch of tests on coffee. They figured out that there is a particular formula (minerals and stuff) of water that makes coffee tastes the best. Water tastes different from state to state, town to town. Like when you visit a new city and drink their water, and it's all like, ewwww. Don't add this to tap water, add it to distilled water, water with no minerals in it. Voilà, delicious water that makes your coffee taste awesomer.

If you know that by doing something simple you will get great coffee, then why not? Start your day off right with fabulous Onyx coffee brewed amazingly by you leaving you amazed.

  • Use 1 packet per gallon of distilled water
  • Shake until minerals are dissolved
  • Make killer coffee

Pro Tips: Our past Brewer's Cup Champions used these mineral packets in distilled water to help them win their titles. It's hard to say just how good coffee can taste when brewed with good water. These packets ensure that you have the exact ratio of minerals down to the part per million that extracts coffee perfectly. Use this in your coffee pot or manual brewing.


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