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The Foreman

Located on the mezzanine above the Onyx roasters, The Foreman is an intimate cocktail bar focusing on rare spirits, natural wines, intentional flavor pairings, and high end service.

Dry Storage

Tailored towards intentional meetings, private celebrations, and thoughtful conversation; Dry Storage is an intimate private events space nestled away within the 1907 Building of Downtown Rogers.

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Hail Fellow Well Met!

Welcome friends to everything you’ve ever wanted. Specialty coffee, natural wines, freshly baked pastries, and breads, a Curated Market, and quite possibly the greatest breakfast you’ve ever encountered.

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Terroir itself means land, and this project is designed to explore the land shared by coffee and other agricultural products. Shared ground in some cases highlights shared flavor, a beautiful picture of the way our world was designed to work together. In much the same way Terroir seeks to find common ground, to unite, and to create within the relationships along the chain of command that is coffee- from the producers hands into yours.

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Onyx Creamery

Journey to a place where quality ingredients meet precise proportions. At Onyx, we travel the globe in search of the best coffees, and now we have combined these with our talented friends from Ozark Mountain Creamery. All natural, low temp pasteurized milk from holstein cows right here in the heart of the Ozarks. We add our barista-inspired simple syrup made from direct-farm sourced honey, vanilla bean and cinnamon, creating a signature latte that pleases both the coffee nerd and the skeptic.

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Onyx Bakery

Our in-house bakery provides staples that are meticulously rolled and kneaded to perfection. Whether it’s a toasted croissant, a loaf of sourdough or a sweet treat every item is prepared with love. Find our pastries in store, order for pickup, or become a wholesale customer.

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