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Skull Cupping Spoon

Every single time I cup (every. single. time.) I wish I had a cool cupping spoon. Spoon envy. It's a thing. But that shame is no more. Because Onyx Coffee Lab's Skull Cupping Spoon (and because Brené Brown).

These spoons don't just look cool and work great; they are custom made from our friend Umeko Motoyoshi and their company Umeshiso.

They feature an Onyx skull in the bowl of the spoon. And on the back of the handle, it says, "ALL HEADS HAVE SKULLS". Choose from Rainbow, Black, and Rose Gold (more gold than rose gold IMHO)

Now your biggest problem will be explaining to your mom why your birthday wish list has three cupping spoons for one person. And, also what a cupping spoon is.

Weight: 56 - 58g
Handle Length: 4.5 in / 11.5 cm
Bowl Diameter: 1.9 in / 4.8 cm
Bowl Depth: 0.5 in / 1.1 cm

Rainbow Black Rose Gold

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