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Catalog Box

This massive Catalogue box is the ultimate coffee lovers guide to all things Onyx. Featuring our entire offering list, you can taste your way through every coffee we currently roast (Rare releases not included). If you are a coffee industry professional, chef or sensory science fan, this is the boxset that articulates the delicates differences between organic acids, terroir, cultivars and more. Features twelve 4oz boxes of coffee in a fold out flavor guide. Brew instructions are included.

PROTIP: Have a family member whose a coffee fanatic?! This is a great gift that says “I’m sorry” or “I love you“ or maybe “you’re a bit grumpy in the morning”…

*Unfortunately, we are not able to offer substitutions. 

- Twelve 4oz tasters of our favorite coffees

- Packed in a fold out gift box full of brewing advice and artwork


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