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Archetype Ascot (Cement)

This Light Gray (Cement) breathable mesh ascot works well as a protective face mask or as a fashion accessory. Articulating snake print patterns the surface. Being safe is in, and now that we have ascots in every color, you can socially distance in style.

Subtle gray veins of a precious natural stone. The Light Gray exudes form & nobility. Statuesque-like attributes that give it authenticity in a sea of pop & flash. A picture of power, yet soft like the eternal wearing of river stones. This collection will substantiate what we all seek in coffee and life... Balance.

  • Four-way stretch, moisture wicking fabric
  • 19" long tubular design (one size fits all)
  • Washable & reusable



Cement Collection

Our new collection takes inspiration from the colors, textures, and energy of the ten new colors in our coffee lineup. We love their clean, warm feel and the way they layer together to create a texture that communicates quality, style, and functionality. Built for today, wear it forever, Enjoy!

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