2017 US Roaster Championship - 1st Place, Mark Michaelson

2017 US Brewers Cup Championship - 1st Place, Dylan Siemens

2016 US Barista Championship - 2nd Place, Andrea Allen
2017 US Barista Championship - 2nd Place, Andrea Allen

US Coffee Champs Cup Tasters Qualifier Winner 2017, Jon Allen

2016 Coffee Masters NYC - 2nd Place, Dylan Siemens

2014 US AeroPress Championship - 2nd Place, Brendon Glidden

2016 Coffee Bar of the Year - Imbibe Magazine

AY Magazine’s Best Coffee House 2016

2014 Good Food Awards Winner
2015 Good Food Awards Winner
2016 Good Food Awards Finalist

Golden Bean:
Silver: Organic Espresso
Bronze: Pour Over Filter
Silver: Single Origin Espresso

Write ups & Features

We are honored to have been featured by publications from right here in Arkansas as well as national write-ups. From customers’ votes to recognition by industry professionals Onyx has been recognized by some of most notable. We thank the publications that take the time to learn and write about specialty coffee and it’s impact. Here’s a few articles you can read below.

Best Coffee Shops in America - Food Network

AY Magazine’s 2016 Best List

Barista Magazine, Aug-Sep 2015
Barista Magazine, Jun-Jul 2016

Fresh Cup Magazine, January 2014
Fresh Cup Magazine, March 2016

Sprudge, February 2014
Sprudge, February 2016

Arkansas Life, 2016
Fayetteville Flyer, 2016