Stagg [X] Dripper

Whether you’re a coffee expert or novice, the Stagg [X] Dripper will help you consistently brew the perfect cup. Stagg [X]’s height aligns with the traditional pour-over brewing methods of a continuous slow pour.

Built into the brewer is a ratio aid to ensure the right amount of coffee, no scale needed. Take advantage of Stagg’s vacuum insulated body, steep slope and unique hole pattern to kick your pour-over recipe up a notch.

  • Filters included (about 15)
  • Double-walled stainless steel pour-over brewer
  • Ratio aid: helps measure coffee & collects drips from your brewer

Pro Tips: The Stagg [X] Dripper is a double-walled pour-over system with steep wall angles. This causes the dripper to drain quickly but hold heat, resulting in quick brews at an ideal extraction. Cups on the Stagg [X] have a heavier body and deeper sweetness than the Kalita Wave or V60. If you like pour-overs but want a heavier cup, try out this brewer. 


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