Porlex Mini Grinder II

The Porlex Mini Grinder, this one's a legend round these parts. They say it can grind just as good as the rest of them. They say it has a rubber sleeve that holds the handle so it can become more compact. They say it also fits inside an AeroPress Coffee Maker, making it possibly the best travel grinder available.

Guess what? It ain't no rumor. All of it is true.

P.S. - This grinder is from Japan, and so are all of it's instructions.

P.P.S. - This does not come with an AeroPress even though one of the pics has the grinder in one. We do sell them however.

  • Ceramic, long-lasting burrs
  • Easy to adjust
  • One of the most compact grinders available

Pro Tips: A burr hand grinder is better than a mechanical blade grinder. Admittedly, it takes some time and effort to grind coffee in the Porlex, but the cup it produces is worth the work if this is your first burr grinder. We recommend this for those who brew single cups at a time or want to travel with a good coffee grinder. 


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