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Terroir Coffee Chocolate Bar - Tanzania

Terroir is a project by Onyx Coffee Lab that explores the common traits between cacao and coffee that share the same land. 

Located in the Kilombero Valley in the heart of Tanzania, Kokoa Kamili is a central fementary that performs fermentation and drying for nearly 3000 small-holder cocoa farmers.  This allows farmers to focus on their crops and reduce their workload, while receiving a premium for their incredibly high quality wet cacao. With Trinitario and Nacional hybrid varietals, this organic cacao is deliciously bright with notes of cherry, lemon, and woodsy undertones.

  • Country - Tanzania
  • Region - Mbingu Village, Morogoro Region
  • Flavor Notes -  Cherry, Coffee, Lemon
  • Fermentation - 6 days using a 3-tier eucalyptus box system
  • Drying - Sun-dried on mesh tables, direct and indirect sunlight.
  • Coffee Used: Tanzania Lloma Natural

Transparency Information:

  • Price per KG - $7.47
  • Equiv. NYSE commodity price - $2.36


Cacao, organic sugar, organic cacao butter, Onyx coffee


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