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Terroir Coffee Chocolate (Guatemalan Offering)

Terroir is a project by Onyx Coffee Lab that explores the common traits between cacao and coffee that share the same land.   

Combining the fudgy cereal-like quality of Cahabon with the bright tropical fruit notes of Chivite, this Alta Verapaz blend is a very balanced specialty cacao.

The community of San Juan Chivite is based entirely within a 180-hectare cacao farm, abandoned by its owner during the terrible Guatemalan civil war in the 1980’s and handed over in 1985 to the 65 families who were former workers of the farm. In 2002, the families converted a portion of the farm that was formerly coffee over to cacao, and as the community has grown from 64 to 125 families today, cacao cultivation remains the source of over 90% of the community’s income. The village and farms are accessible only by swinging bridge over the wide, rushing Cahabón river; to sell cacao, association members carry 100-lb sacks over the bridge on their backs. 

The Association of Integrated Development “OX EEK” Santa Maria Cahabón (ADIOESMAC), founded in 2004, cultivates and sells cacao, cardamom, cinnamon, and chili peppers. Perched on a mountaintop overlooking the extensive jungled hills of the Cahabón region, the association processes cacao using cascading wooden fermentation boxes and a combination of greenhouse dryers, raised bamboo decks, and drying patios.  The association has continued to plant more cacao every year with support from the Ministry of Agriculture and various NGOs; most of the cacao planted is reforesting areas of “milpa” or corn and bean production, and children of the association members are starting to take over cacao production and processing for their parents.

  • Country - Guatemala
  • Region - Alta Verapaz
  • Flavor Notes— Blueberry, pineapple, and caramel
  • Fermentation - Centrally Fermented in Wooden Boxes
  • Drying - Raised tables with mesh
  • Coffee Used: Guatemala Finca Isnul

Transparency Information:

  • Price per KG - $7.25
  • Equiv. NYSE commodity price - $2.34
  • Farmgate $1.97
  • Association: $2.55
  • Export: $4.31
  • Landed: $4.88

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