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Terroir Coffee Chocolate Bar - Ecuador

Terroir is a project by Onyx Coffee Lab that explores the common traits between cacao and coffee that share the same land. 

Single estate. Less than 10 miles inland from the town of Muisne in the Esmeraldas province. Cacao orchards were established six years ago on former cattle pasture with very steep terrain. Establishment of cacao, timber, and other fruit trees has reduced erosion on the farm site. Esmeraldas has an unusual climate, with little variation in average temperatures. The region has relatively short wet season from January to May each year, but during the dry season, the weather is almost always overcast with light drizzling rain.

Costa Esmeraldas is a family owned and operated 100-hectare cacao farm. All members of the Salazar family (Fredy, Monica, and siblings Freddy and Indira) actively participate in the cacao business. Freddy is directly responsible for managing operations at the farm and post-harvest center. Management of the cacao orchards create over 40 full-time jobs within the local community in rural Esmeraldas. 

  • Country - Ecuador
  • Region - Muisne in the Esmeraldas province
  • Flavor Notes -  Strong base chocolate, roasted nuts, light fruit and floral notes. Low acidity and very low bitterness and astringency.
  • Fermentation - 5.5 days using a 5-tier cedar box system
  • Drying - Sun-dried on mesh tables for first 3 days, then concrete patio dried to achieve a ~7% moisture content
  • Coffee Used: Ecuador Hacienda La Papaya Natural

Transparency Information:

  • Price per KG - $8.73
  • Equiv. NYSE commodity price - $2.36


Cacao, organic sugar, organic cacao butter, Onyx coffee


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