Sugar Skull was our first blend we ever created and the plan was simple. We wanted something sweet, comfortable, and approachable in a world of polarizing Specialty Coffee. Something anyone would like and would be easy to control during extraction. We sell more of this coffee than anything else and I think it’s our commitment to keep the flavor profile intact. Sweet caramelized sugars, round full body, and a bright citrusy finish that leaves a clean, refreshing aftertaste. It pairs with any meal and works well with dairy and non-dairy milks...


Southern Weather Blend - 5 lbs. - Bi-Monthly Subscription

Creating a blend is like choosing a color palate for a canvas. For us, Sugar Skull embodies the wonderful relationships between a citric acidity balance and wonderful, full bodied chocolates. We serve this every day and find it comfortable, yet surprisingly complex and sophisticated. We brew this with all devices, all day long.

Origin: Colombia & El Salvador

Region: Antioquia, Colombia & Chalatenango, El Salvador

Farm: San Antonio & Finca Santa Rosa

Process: Washed & Patio Dried

Elevation: 1250 Meters

Variety: Caturra, Typica, Bourbon

Cup: Milk Chocolate, Candied Walnuts, Orange Zest

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