Ozark Copper is one of two blends we recreate year round that are specifically designed for espresso. This is the lighter-roasted, more fruit forward counterpart to Red Queen. We wanted an espresso that intentionally worked with low amounts of milk or on its own. Ozark Copper is delicate and tends to get lost in beverages of milk that have a volume of 12oz or more. When tasted as pure espresso or in small amounts of milk the idea of coffee as a cherry really...

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Ozark Copper Espresso - Monthly Subscription - 12 oz.

Making a coffee for espresso is like taking its flavor and putting it under a microscope. The idea in Ozark Copper is that "less is more." We use the innate citric and malic acids of East Africans and blend them with heavy bodied South Americans, creating a deep, dark cherry with an extremely-smooth cocoa espresso.

Origin: Ethiopia & Costa Rica

Region: Guji & San Marcos

Process: Natural & Washed

Elevation: 1600 Meters

Varietal: Caturra, Typica, Bourbon

Cup: Cocoa, Juicy Cherry, Almonds, Creamy Body

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