Onyx Rose Travel Mug

I like coffee a whole lot. I would like to be bold and say that YOU like coffee a whole lot too. Sometimes, though, I need to drink my coffee on the go. In the past I'd leave the house with my coffee mug and get in the car. But it spilled all over the place and my coffee was cold by the time I got where I was going.

Then I got this travel mug by Onyx Coffee Lab with that lovely rose logo of theirs. Not only does it keep my coffee hot, but the lid prevents it from spilling. Now if I ever get a glimpse of myself with this mug, I stop for a second and say "that's a good looking mug you got there."
  • Volume of 12 oz
  • Keeps Liquids Hot: 6 hours, Keeps Liquids Cold: 12 hours
  • Hand Wash Recommended
$ 25
Onyx Rose Travel Mug
Onyx Rose Travel Mug

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