Onyx Delight Syrup

What is Onyx Delight Syrup you might say? And, if you were to ask that question I would tell you the following.

Onyx Delight Syrup is a delicious syrup of vanilla, honey, and cinnamon. We use it to make our flavored latte the Onyx Delight. We had our friends at pH Alchemy, a local small-batch shrub and bitters and syrup, make this for us.

Now you can be your own barista at home and make Onyx Delights all the live-long day!!
  • Super easy to use
  • One bottle is 16 fl. oz.
  • We recommend 1 oz. of syrup per 12 oz.
  • Ingredients: cinnamon, honey, vanilla extract, pure cane sugar, vanilla bean, lactic acid
$ 26

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