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Onyx Atmos Vacuum Canister - 1.2 Liter

Fellow Products, the makers of the Joey Mug and the Stagg Pour-Over Kettle, have taken their unique style and applied it to coffee storage. Behold the Atmos Vacuum Canister!!

Oxygen is coffee’s mortal enemy! The longer that coffee is exposed to oxygen the more it ages your coffee. It can make your coffee taste from awesome to awful. Atmos has a unique lid that when twisted sucks out that pesky oxygen. Thus, your coffee will be safe and sound. They even thought of having an indicator in the lid telling you it's locked and you’ve vacuumed out the oxygen.

Side note - another benefit is that it is flat out fun just to twist it. Pretty soon you’ll be having more fun than Ferris Bueller at the Von Steuben Parade.

The bag your coffee comes in is great and offers protection from the elements, but to be extra sure your coffee’s safe you’ll wanna get you an Atmos.

  • 1.2L, perfect for 16 oz. of whole bean coffee
  • Can hold other things besides coffee, like cookies or cereal
  • Airtight seal prevents air and moisture getting inside
  • Lid has integrated vacuum pump and lock indicator

Pro Tips: For those who like having a couple of coffees on their counter, the Atmos is a great way to house your coffee in its comfiest condition. Keeping coffee in a dark air-tight container will keep it's flavor components intact longer. Fellow Products' build quality is always at the highest level, and it looks great on the counter next to the coffee pot. 


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