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Kalita Wave Dripper - Ceramic

The Kalita Wave Dripper is a great pour-over dripper. In fact, we use them in our stores! The Wave has a flat-bottom shape with three holes for dripping, making each cup of coffee brewed tastily. Brew into your coffee mug or with its buddy, the Kalita Glass Server. We recommend using at least 20 grams of coffee with this size (#185). DOES NOT COME WITH FILTERS.

  • Made for use with Kalita Wave #185 Filters only
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Is a coffee maker
  • Comes in stainless steel or ceramic

Pro Tips: We use the Kalita Wave in our stores due to the balanced flavor profile it delivers. High sweetness, medium acidity, medium body. With a good pouring technique, it brews extremely consistently from cup to cup. The metal and porcelain versions have the exact same design. We love the porcelain for how it holds temperature. If you're worried about breakage, though, get the metal Kalita Wave.


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