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Ham & Cheese Croissants

The Ham & Cheese Croissant is familiarĀ in name only. This is our most popular pastry we make by far and completely unique to any other version you've tried. Made with our delicious, flaky butter croissant, we cut horizontally and add local ham and sharp cheddar. It goes back in the oven for a quick flash to melt the cheese and is set out to cool. We partner with our friends Bansley Berkshire Family Farm for unmatched quality pork.

Warning: This is not a hot pocket. However if it was to be put in the same category it would be the Michael Jordan of hot pocketsā€¦ Donā€™t @ us with that Lebron James talkā€¦

Ingredients: flour (wheat), white sugar, yeast, water, butter (dairy), salt, ham (pork), sharp white cheddar

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