Framily Box Set

Want a great gift for your friends and family, or as we call it framily, this holiday season? Then get them this Framily Box Set!

Each set comes with a bag of our holiday coffee, Framily, a delicious Ethiopian coffee named after your friends and family and our Diner Mug.

I don't know, but I kinda think you nailed this year.

NOTE: Recipient does not need to be a member of your framily.
  • Includes a 12 oz bag of Framily and a Diner Mug
  • Great gift for you
  • Great gift for your family
  • Great gift for your co-workers
  • Great gift for your work white elephant
$ 30
Framily Box Set
Framily Box Set - Coffee Roasters
Framily Box Set - Coffee Roasters

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