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Decaf Colombia Huila - 5 lbs. - Monthly Subscription


Medellín is legitimately my favorite city in the world. The food scene is fantastic and the coffee scene is really making waves. Our producer and friend Pedro Echevarria runs a beautiful cafe called Pergamino in the heart of the city. One of the best things about the city as a coffee location though is how close the farms are to the city. With a quick 45-minute drive one can be standing in the mountains on a farm overlooking the varied elevations that make up the incredible landscape of Colombia. I try to visit Medellin 2-3 times per year. This coffee was found by Royal Coffee and shipped to be decaffeinated in Canada. We took this coffee to a light to medium roast, and it works great as drip or espresso.



Let’s have amazing coffee without caffeine, but let’s also do this without chemicals. This might sound obvious, but almost all decaf is actually decaffeinated with methylene chloride or ethyl acetate. The Swiss Water Process is unique! With a special patent, they use water temperature and various pressures to extract 99.9% of the caffeine out of coffee naturally. This also doesn’t impart harsh flavors or medicinal defects in the coffee like other methods can. We only carry Swiss Water’s decaf coffees while still maintaining our seasonal buying practices. Which means we ship our coffee to be decaffeinated or we buy coffee that was shipped to the Swiss Water facility. Enjoy proper high-quality decaf!



FILTER - Kalita Wave 
12oz - 22.5g Coffee : 360g Water 205°F 
~3:00 Drain Time 


FILTER - Kalita Wave 
16oz - 28g Coffee : 450g Water 205°F 
~4:00 Drain Time 


FILTER - Batch Brew (1:16 ratio) 
250g Coffee : 1G brew 


We brew this coffee by the cup in our cafés as our decaf option, and as batch brew upon request for catering orders. This is a solid coffee that wants to taste good. A wide range of brew times give you a good tasting cup. A nice mellow acidity with comforting smoothness, cocoa, and nuttiness.


Wanna know more about how we brew it? Then visit our brew methods page cause "this is how we brew it" (think Montell Jordan when reading that last part).


Brew Temp: 198°F, Line Pressure: ~3.5 bars, Max Pressure: 9 bars, 
Pressure Profile: T0: 4s, T1: 4s, T2: 42s, T3-6: 0s
20g in : ~ 54g out @ ~24 seconds


This is a great espresso! Look for a sweet, bright, and nutty aroma. It is a good espresso either with milk or black. You’ll find that apple acidity shine with sweet cream and classic Colombian chocolate and nutty notes. We use this as our house decaf espresso and brewed coffee. Tastes good in small or large milk sizes as well. When you are dialing in and tasting this coffee watch out for over and under-extraction. If you pull this coffee too short or under-extracted the acidity can be overpowering and unpleasant with little to no nuances of flavor. Pull this coffee too long or over-extracted and the nuttiness becomes bitter and the acidity medicinal. It has a nice range from around 22s-27s with these parameters, but we think 24s tastes the best!



Decaf Colombia Medellín

This coffee came from the importer Royal Coffee in California. We have bought a few coffees from them in the past, and they help us move coffees that we buy directly. They have always been great to work with and Kevin, our friend there, has been insightful throughout our company's journey. We paid Royal Coffee $2.98/lb for this coffee and bought 12 70kg bags of green coffee. When purchasing coffee from an importer, it is rare you will get an exact FOB price from the company but if we do we will post it here.


The Coffee Commodity purchase price was $1.51/lb when we purchased these coffees. 

- The Fair Trade Coffee minimum purchase price was $1.71/lb when we purchased these coffees.



* We as a company believe transparency is unbelievably important. However, we decided only to list what is shown here because we don’t know where to stop. Do we list the amount of coffee lost in roasting due to moisture loss? Should we list our roaster Mark's salary? The warehouse rent? The utilities? The point of listing things above is not to justify what we charge or what we profit, but to give a realistic snapshot of the industry and how Specialty Coffee can be different than other commodity industries. If you have concerns feel free to email us and I’ll write you back when I’m available. 

- Jon



Relationship Coffee is an initiative we, at Onyx, have purposely created to describe our sourcing and buying practices and how we document them. Certifications like Direct Trade, Fair Trade, and others have impacted the coffee communities in mostly positive ways but also in some negative ways. We find that blanket terms and applying them to a multitude of business models no longer describes what we do.


In reality, every company is different, and we wanted to step out from the mold and create a new set of standards that exceeds in every department from quality to transparency to pricing. The growers, exporters, importers, associations, cooperatives, and other entities are always a set of relationships. To be honest, many are our friends as much as they are our producers and partners. We share information, family news, meals, housing, many faiths, and argue politics. Oh, and we love it. Relationship Coffee for Onyx is the mark of an honest exchange ethos that permeates our company, and we hope it encourages the growth of specialty coffee for the future.




  • We visited the farm or cupping lab and listened to the producer/agronomist or head cooperative/association to ascertain better knowledge about the culture and practices.
  • We cupped the coffee, and it scored to our industry-high standards.
  • We do not buy futures or multiple harvests to ensure that what we cupped for that year is what we serve.
  • We do not ask for exclusivity from producers, binding their options.
  • We pay what the coffee is worth. This always is at least double Fair Trade minimum due to the quality we buy, and many times is three to ten times the amount.
  • We do not finance any coffee. Cash flow is just as important as final price. Coffee is paid in full upon delivery, and we pay a percentage up front upon contracting. 
  • We are completely transparent from price to logistics to cupping score, to who we work with buying and shipping coffee.
  • We work to set premiums after a contracted price to incentivize quality and community building. This can be .10¢ - .25¢ extra per pound or community projects such as school supplies in the growing village, sports jerseys, vented chimneys for kitchen fires, etc.



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