Coffee Bag Pin

This pin, made to look like one of our retail coffee bags, is gigantic. Well not really gigantic, but bigger than your average pin. It's so big that it actually has two posts! This pin says "Sup yo. I'm a baller. Deal with it." (not literally, of course). The label on the "bag" says Sugar Skull, the name of our house blend. Even the color of the label is the same as our actual bag. That's attention to detail right there. I mean. And that gold lettering and outline. Yowza! Add it to your collection!

Fun Fact - These babies are made here in Northwest Arkansas. USA!!!!
  • Jumbo-sized Pin (1 1/2” Tall x 1 7/10” Wide)
  • Make your friends jealous
  • Feel like a giant with this in your hand
$ 6
Coffee Bag Pin
Coffee Bag Pin

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