Coffee Advent Calendar 2018

Let's countdown to Christmas together! Starting on December 1st and for the next 23 days you'll wake up with a different Onyx coffee. That's right! Each day for 24 days you will get a two oz bag of whole bean coffee. Two ounces (about 56 grams) is the perfect amount of coffee for one pot or one Chemex.

Worried about freshness? Well, stop it Silly. We will be nitro-flushing all of the coffees, which basically keeps the coffee fresh until the bag is opened.

Shipping for the Advent Calendar is on us. Think of it as a present from us to you. Free shipping is only available for this item & US residents!

Here's the list of our coffees in the box:

1) Krampus - An "Unfriendly" Onyx Holiday Origin, Washed

2) Colombia La Palma Faustino Reyes, Lactic

3) Ethiopia Bensa Shantawene, Washed

4) Guatemala Finca Isnul, Washed

5) Ethiopia Bombe Bensa, Natural

6) Colombia Jesus Muñoz, Washed

7) Kenya Gachatha OT-18, Washed

8) Colombia Hermes Adame, Honey*

9) Colombia Miguel Loaiza, Washed*

10) Ethiopia Chelbesa, Washed

11) Colombia Aponte Village, Honey

12) Kenya Kiunyu OT-18, Washed

13) El Salvador Santa Rosa, Washed

14) Ethiopia Mesfin Kitesa, Natural

15) Nicaragua COE #8, Washed*

16) Guatemala El Olvido, Washed

17) Colombia La Palma Pedro Leal, Lactic

18) Kenya Gichathaini OT-17, Washed*

19) Ethiopia Reko, Washed*

20) El Salvador Santa Rosa, Honey

21) Guatemala El Zapote Gesha, Washed*

22) Kenya Gichathaini PB, Washed

23) Colombia Pedro Janamejoy, Honey*

24) Framily-A "Friendly" Onyx Holiday Origin, Washed

*Exclusive to the Coffee Advent Calendar
$ 95
Coffee Advent Calendar 2018 - Coffee Roasters
Coffee Advent Calendar 2018 - Coffee Roasters

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