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Chocolate Chip Cookie

Find a better cookie..we’ll wait. Look, these are just crispy enough on the outside to crack, chewy gooey on the inside to stretch and make a mess. Adorned with Flake salt on top and thick giant semi-sweet chocolate chunks below. I get it, we come across as sort of a cocky bakery and coffee roaster, but that's because we are just soooo amazing. The proof is being dunked in a cold glass of milk right in front of you.

ONYX SUGGESTION: Buy one dozen per guest at your next party and then climb the highest piece of furniture in your living room, hold your head up high and listen to the shouts of joy and praise coming your way.

Ingredients: flour (wheat), brown sugar, white sugar, butter (dairy), chocolate, eggs, vanilla (bean), baking powder, baking soda, salt.

*Our Vanilla is also sourced by our coffee producing friends in Guatemala and imported by Tafton and spice.

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