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Cascara is the dried husk and fruit of the coffee cherry. When coffee is processed, the beans are removed from the cherry, and the pulp and skin are usually a waste product. Sometimes they are broken down for organic fertilizer or simply thrown out. In Ethiopia, there has been a longstanding tradition of brewing a tea from this coffee by-product. Recently simple syrups, sodas, teas, and reductions have used this complex, floral ingredient. Every year we are finding more and more producers learning to dry and export this natural product. It’s a great way for the producer to utilize the entire crop and find new avenues of cash flow.


This amazing coffee product comes by way of our friends at El Cadejo in Antigua, Guatemala. This is the third year we've brought in cascara from El Cadejo. Mario and his family own an incredible wet mill and farm situated in the mountains just 10 minutes from the majestic city of Antigua. I have stayed on their farm the last few years passing through towards Huehuetenango and cupped in their gorgeous cupping lab. They partner with our importing friends Tecolote Coffee Imports. In my opinion, Mario is one of the most creative and intelligent coffee producers I've met. Not only is he an artist and engineer, but he is also one of the kindest people I've ever met. His daughter Lara came to visit us in Arkansas and intern for a few weeks. Clearly, the apple stayed close to the tree as she is insightful and creative as well.



COMING SOON...We are testing out some recipes.



This is a Relationship Tea that we got from El Cadejo. We purchased it for $3.60 per pound and bought a total of 45 pounds. Our friends at Tecolote Coffee Importers helped us import it into the US.

1/8 kilo

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