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Byword Ascot (Apricot)

This Apricot colored breathable mesh ascot works well as a protective face mask or as a fashion accessory. With a gradient print of our byword design, Never Settle for Good Enough will be the first impression you give. 

Sitting on the porch sipping on the iced pour-over of Ethiopia you just crafted, you happen to glance up as the sun is sinking and fall into a trance, taking in all the tropical array from pink to orange. The Peach (Apricot) collection represents all that is right with the world and never goes out of style. Peach (Apricot) Collection

  • Four-way stretch, moisture wicking fabric
  • 19" long tubular design (One size fits all)
  • Washable & reusable



Apricot Collection

We the baristas, servers, roasters, producers, chefs, and artists are the foundation to everything you love. Through color, texture and flavor we create culture and energy. Fashion and form are important to life. How we feel impacts those we serve. Examine our ten color collections that conflate power with service. Individuality doesn’t mean isolation. Join our side, the side of hospitality, and enjoy our new lines of apparel, drink-ware and coffees. - Onyx

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