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Blueberry Muffins

The standard for more cafes is the simple muffin. We honestly believe in the concept that “less is more” in most aspects…except when it comes to muffins. In this case we took our favorite blueberry lemon muffin recipe and doubled the fruit. Then after tasting, we doubled it again. These masterpieces are filled with ripe blueberries and zesty lemon. The moisture from the fruit keeps the inside moist and when warmed it melts as you pull the muffin apart. Take advantage of our love for blueberries and oversight on pastry margins.

WARNING: Muffins can’t change your life, but these may ruin all other muffin experiences. You've been warned... -staff

Ingredients: flour (wheat), blueberries (frozen), buttermilk (dairy), white sugar, oil (canola), eggs, brown sugar, lemon (zest and juice), baking powder, baking soda, salt, vanilla (bean).

*Our Vanilla is also sourced by our coffee producing friends in Guatemala and imported by Tafton and spice.

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