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Atlas Ceramic Kindle Mug (Pinot)

This red ceramic mug features a peach imprint of the world at large. Onyx crowns the top giving the public an insider view that you know good coffee. 

What we all have in common is Red. The lifeblood of us. Bringing healing & warning of danger. Kindness and strength that create an intimate inner joy of confidence. Put on red with the ability to walk a path of peace and conviction. Shut out the noise and inhale with a relaxed sigh and a quick grin. Red (pinot) Collection

  • 13oz Capacity
  • Dimensions : Height: 4-5/8" x Width: 5"
  • Hand wash recommended



Pinot Collection

We the baristas, servers, roasters, producers, chefs, and artists are the foundation to everything you love. Through color, texture and flavor we create culture and energy. Fashion and form are important to life. How we feel impacts those we serve. Examine our ten color collections that conflate power with service. Individuality doesn’t mean isolation. Join our side, the side of hospitality, and enjoy our new lines of apparel, drink-ware and coffees. - Onyx

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