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Apple Butter Croissant

Our Apple butter croissant is a perfectly balanced tart and sweet pastry that embodies the Ozark’s.  These are made with our fresh laminated croissants and then filled with beautiful apple butter. The apples slow cooked and churned then adding sugar, cinnamon and cloves resulting in a deep brown concentrated apple sauce that's slightly caramelized allowing the acidity to still come through. Once filed the croissant is topped with a wonderfully crisp rolled-oat cinnamon crumble.

These immaculate croissants are made fresh daily by first creating the dough and then laminating in pure butter sourced from New Zealand, which consists of painstakingly folding butter into the dough, over and over again creating micro layers of buttery flakey perfection. All pastry is made with the highest quality ingredients and baked fresh daily at our Headquarters in Rogers, Arkansas.

Ingredients: Flour (wheat), sugar, yeast, water, butter(dairy), apple butter (apples, sugar, cinnamon and cloves), crumble (sugar, flour, rolled oats, butter (dairy), cinnamon).

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