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Allegedly Serving Onyx Canvas Print

Designed by our amazing friends from Department of Brewology, this sign is what we send our wholesale customers to display in their shop. Originally, Dept. of Brewology made this artwork for a poster they made for their coffee roaster collaboration with us. We liked it so much that we asked them to change the sign to Allegedly Serving Onyx Coffee Lab. Sometimes we can be such silly dillies. ;)

The artwork is silkscreened onto a piece of black canvas. Each piece of canvas is hand cut, so not every one is cut exactly the same. But any way you cut it, it will look pretty sweet on your wall.

  • About 10.5" x 14.5"
  • Can be framed or hung any way you choose
  • Lets you trick your friends into thinking your home is a shop that serves Onyx
Allegedly Serving Onyx Canvas Print

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