Cold Brew

It’s been a two year goal of ours to create a cold brew that’s on the same level of quality and taste as the cold brew in our stores. Cold brew itself has become famous for its smooth flavor and its low acid content, which is the result of brewing coffee without heat. We focus on creating cold brew that showcases chocolate, citrus, and a heavy body. We then infuse it with nitrogen which creates an even heavier body and slight fizz that culminates in a head at the top of the coffee. This drink is great on its own and can be a great utility in mixology. You can find Southern Weather on tap in various local bars and shops.

We’re currently working with the University of Arkansas on getting the nitro cold brew from our shop into a can in your hands. This collaboration is utilizing new pasteurization processes without the use of heat and state of the art nitrogen infusion.

The Future

Coffee & Milk

Ozark Mountain Creamery is our dairy partner, and we are collaborating with them on a forthcoming coffee and milk project that’s readily available in a single serve jar. OMC uses low temperature pasteurization and their milk is downright delicious. We are really excited about the continued work with our friends.