Fermentation & Process

Fermentation is a process that takes place in many of the foods and beverages we enjoy everyday. It is necessary in the production of coffee, chocolate, cheese, beer, kombucha, and wine, for example. Cultures is an ongoing project focusing on the processes of fermentation in a variety of formats, often combining techniques and ideas from different industries and cultures.

In January 2016, we started our first product in the Cultures line. Using a cascara (dried skins of coffee fruit) tisane from our friends at Los Lajones in Panama, we started a kombucha with our friends at Moniker Ferments. After initial fermentation, we transferred the kombucha into lightly toasted American Oak barrels from a barrel cooperage in Hot Springs, AR. Once removed from the oak barrels, the kombucha was bottled and stored for aging nearly 8 months before its release. The recurring theme of fermentation is evident in this product, starting in Panama, and carrying through into bottle-conditioning. Cultures “Batch 1” is a light, lively, effervescent kombucha with notes of peach, raisin, toast, and lemon.

In 2017, we are working on our second iteration of the project, teaming up with our friends at Kent Walker Cheese in Little Rock. Early stages of R&D with Kent Walker are focusing on two different styles of cheese, Halloumi and Swiss. We are experimenting with treating both of these cheeses with coffee in several different ways, giving them unique characteristics from the intrinsic qualities of the coffees showcased. As this project develops, there will be more information to share!