University of Onyx Sweatshirt

Whether you are a student or an alum, the University of Onyx is a school you are proud of.

Like, OMG! I went to U of O too! What was your major?! That's crazy! My friend Bob had that same one! Me? Well, I got a bachelor's in Communications and a masters in the Psychology of Art History in Coffee Science. Just kidding!!!! There's no University of Onyx! I had you going there for a bit. It does look like the college sweatshirt you wore all throughout your third year though. Right?!

This dark gray sweatshirt has Onyx Coffee printed in big letters on the front and on the back it has our new circle Onyx logo.

Made by Alternative Apparel, you will feel like a champ in this sweatshirt. Not just because they call it the Champ Eco-Fleece Sweatshirt, but because it is like literally the softest sweatshirt.
  • When wearing this college-styled Onyx sweatshirt you will feel like you have a doctorate in being awesome!
  • Made by Alternative Apparel
  • 50% Polyester, 46% Cotton, 4% Rayon
  • Contains organic & recycled materials
$ 40
University of Onyx Sweatshirt - Coffee Roasters
University of Onyx Sweatshirt - Coffee Roasters

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