Morphic Shirt - Black

This amazing shirt was designed by Brenton Little, Onyx's own graphic designer. It's his first batch of work that he has done with us. He had carte blanche, and we couldn't be happier with the results.

With this design, he was inspired by a dream. Like, for real. He actually woke up and thought of what we do here at Onyx and how we are trying to honor nature and how onyx is also a gemstone and gemstones are rocks and how rocks are made with process metamorphosis. I know, it's funny how the mind works sometimes. It all led to this really cool design. The shirt has the solar system, the Ozark mountains, rocks, and coffee branches. Frankly, this design will work for anyone even if they don't like coffee.

This is a black unisex t-shirt with a matte gold-ish/olive-ish print and is tagless.
  • Goes with everything
  • Unisex, 100% Cotton
  • Made by Alternative Apparel
$ 25
Morphic Shirt - Black - Coffee Roasters
Morphic Shirt - Black - Coffee Roasters

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