Globe Sweatshirt

Like Eddie Stark says "winter is coming, y'all" and with the colder weather in mind, we decided to make a batch of sweatshirts. (Also, we were running out of the other sweatshirts.) So, rather than use our panther logo or something you've seen before, we used new artwork. This artwork was made by our in-house designer, the inimitable Brenton Little, for our new HQ opening in Rogers, AR.

This heathered gray sweatshirt has our hands logo printed in black on the front left-hand side. I like to think of the logo like the hands that make coffee help pass it through Onyx where we turn it into a delicious cup of coffee. Across the back, we printed another new piece of artwork featuring the globe with a rosetta at its core, also in black. Since coffee is at our core, I think it is rather fitting.

Made by Alternative Apparel, you will feel like a champ in this sweatshirt. Not just because they call it the Champ Eco-Fleece Sweatshirt, but because it is like literally the softest sweatshirt.
  • Will keep you warmer than a t-shirt
  • Made by Alternative Apparel
  • 50% Polyester, 46% Cotton, 4% Rayon
  • Contains organic & recycled materials
$ 40
Globe Sweatshirt - Coffee Roasters
Globe Sweatshirt - Coffee Roasters
Globe Sweatshirt - Coffee Roasters

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