Holiday Coffee Box Set

Can't make up your mind about which holiday coffee of ours to try? It's a very common problem and we get it. Please don't fret and leave this conundrum in our hands.

The solution is the Holiday Coffee Box! We will send you one 12 oz bag of Framily and one 12 oz bag of Krampus, our seasonal single origin holiday coffees.

We kinda think it is the perfect gift for ANYONE. This would be good for any of your friends like Todd or Sarah or Mark or Matt or Kathie or Samuel or Liz or Adam or Brent or Bailey or yourself.

Also a great gift for your family, like Uncle Keith or Aunt Donna or Cousin Jessie or...
  • Comes with a 12 oz bag of Framily & a 12 oz bag of Krampus
  • Creates peace and joy
  • Great for all holiday gatherings
$ 35

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