Coffee Advent Calendar

Last year we made our first Coffee Advent Calendar, and it was a great success! So, when fifty thousand emails came in asking us, "You gonna do another Advent Calendar this year?" We checked our inventory and the answer became obvious. Honestly, this is one of our favorite projects to source for each year, and we are really excited about this year's lineup!

From Dec. 1st until the 24th, you'll get 56 grams of a different single origin coffee. By the way, 56g is the perfect amount for a pot or Chemex of coffee (we'll include recipes for each). Eight coffees are exclusive to the calendar, including interesting projects that we've been working on for a while. Such as, separating special Ethiopian micro-lots by screen size, so you can taste the exact same farm and coffee but with two juristically different densities. Even a special naturally processed Gesha offering from the famed farm Inmaculada. This 2nd edition of the Coffee Advent Calendar will go down in history next to the likes of products such as the iPhone, Yeezys, and Ernest Saves Christmas VHS.

So that every coffee is as fresh on day 22 as on day 2, we flush each bag with nitrogen. A process that prevents the coffee from oxidizing and becoming yucky.

Because we sold out so quickly last year, we are making a lot more of them too. Does it mean a lot of work for our roasters and warehouse crew during the busiest time of year? You betcha. To be able to share this amazing set of coffees is worth any amount of work.

This set is pre-order only! We'll start shipping them between November 18th and 22nd to make sure that you get them before December starts. Anything else ordered with this set will be shipped separately.

$ 120
Coffee Advent Calendar
Coffee Advent Calendar

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