*Knuckles Tank Top - SALE*

Hey, so, umm. Let me explain. This tank top says ONYX COFE "tattooed" on a set of fists. The F and E both have a little 2 on the right side of them. Get it? Like the 2 is an exponent of the F and E. The thinking being you would multiply F times F and get two Fs. The same thing would happen for the E, and then you would be spelling COFFEE correctly.

Oh, you DO get it. Sorry, it took me a while.
  • No sleeves are present, will allow you to move your arms to AND fro without any trouble.
  • The shirt is made by Next Level Apparel.
$ 15
*Knuckles Tank Top - SALE* - Coffee Roasters
*Knuckles Tank Top - SALE* - Coffee Roasters

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