Be Hambela Shirt

One morning we were drinking one of our most favoritest coffees, Ethiopia Hambela Buku Natural. We had Kendrick Lamar's new album on. All of a sudden, a lightbulb went off during the song "HUMBLE." We are always striving toward being more humble. And the hard work that goes into growing and harvesting the Hambela Buku Natural is something to admire. BAM! Be Hambela!! Man, what a great idea!!! We are geniuses!

So, let's all work toward that thought of Be Hambela. Where you never settle for good enough AND try to be modest about it. Plus, when you wear this shirt, you will be instantly cooler to a very small niche of people that know what Hambela is and also the Kendrick song "HUMBLE."
  • The front of the shirt says BE HAMBELA.
  • The back of the shirt says BUKU.
  • The back also has our logo on the neck.
  • This shirt is made by Next Level Apparel and tagless.
$ 25
Be Hambela Shirt - Coffee Roasters
Be Hambela Shirt - Coffee Roasters

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